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Privacy Policy

We (The Parties as defined in Terms & Conditions ) aim to ensure that your online experience is safe and enjoyable. We will safeguard the privacy and security of your personal information. At all times this website will comply with the prevailing laws and regulations governing the confidentiality and security of information. By providing us with your information you permit us to make use of information in accordance with this policy.

What Information Do We Collect And With Whom Do We Share It?

All members are required to validate their membership number and name to ensure that only current active members are able to gain access to the benefits of Emergency Memberlink membership. While members use the Emergency Memberlink (hereinafter referred to as Memberlink) website, we log the details of the session including the establishment records that members access. This information is collated to allow us to develop the program to further meet the needs of members.

We need to collect personal information in order for us to identify you when you contact us and to provide you with information on the products and services that are available to you. The information we collect and hold generally includes your full name, address, email address, contact telephone number.

If a member has joined through another organisation, this information may be reported to that organisation. We may share all information about users on the website with participating establishments, prospective participants, clients, sponsors and other third parties. However, this information is only aggregate information about the use of our website.

At no time is personal member information collected for or reported to another entity. The information that is collected by Us through this website is your member number and the IP address from where you accessed the Memberlink website.

In no other circumstances will personal information about members be disclosed to another entity in a format from which the identity of the member can be reasonably ascertained.


Cookies are used by the Memberlink website to recognise a member during a session. This cookie is a means of maintaining your interactive session across the web pages you visit on our website. The cookies are sent to your computer at the beginning of each session and do not access your hard drive. They simply record your interaction with the website during that session. 

The use of cookies is an industry standard, and as such you will find most major websites use them. They in no way reduce your level of security or privacy.

Security Measures

We take all necessary measures to ensure your privacy is protected and secured so that your information is not accessed by unauthorised persons, but is not liable for any unauthorised use.

Links to Other Sites

The sites that are displayed when searching Memberlink establishments are developed by people over whom we have no control. This Policy only applies to this website and does not apply to any websites from which you may have linked to this website or to any website to which you may link from this website.


This Privacy Policy is published in compliance with legislative requirements and is not subject to an approved privacy code. If you wish to make a complaint regarding privacy related issues please contact the Program Manager at admin@memberbenefits.com.au

Should you wish to access your personal information kept by Us simply email your request along with your member number, name, address and details of the organisation through which you sourced the benefit. This request can be emailed to the Program Manager at admin@memberbenefits.com.au

or posted to: Emergency Memberlink
                     PO Box 2200
                     Mornington VIC 3931

Your Consent

By using the Memberlink website you consent to and permit the collection and use of information as outlined in this policy. We may wish to make changes to this policy. If changes are made they will be published on the Privacy Policy page of the Memberlink website.

To obtain further information regarding the way that we manage personal information, further questions regarding this policy or the website please contact us at members@emergencymemberlink.com.au