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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I Sign Up

    If you have not been signed up by your agency, please visit the Memberlink Card page, you will need your Volunteer or Employee number/ID

  • How do I get a Replacement Card?

    To request a replacement card, call the Emergency Memberlink Team on 1800 820 037 or complete our online card request form on the Memberlink Card page.

  • I'm Having Trouble Logging In

    Click here to go to the trouble logging in page

  • How do I search for Benefits?

    Once logged in, there are multiple ways to find benefits.

    • You can search by Criteria, State or Category by using the search bar, if you know exactly which offer you are looking for, start typing it's name into the search criteria, and it will auto-complete the search for you.

    • To view the latest offers, open your member dashboard.

  • How do I redeem Benefits?

    Each offer will detail how it is redeemed, most common methods are:

    • Show your Memberlink Card.

    • Show the Presidentail Card Logo on the reverse of your Memberlink Card.

    • Redeem Online by clicking a link on the offer page.

    • Contact the provider and mention the stated code.

    • Print a voucher by clicking a link on the offer page.

  • How do I add and view My Favorites

    To add an offer to your favorites, click the 'Add to favorites' button, located on the offer page.
    Once you have added offers to your favorites, they will be visible in the 'My Favorites' section, at the bottom of your member dashboard.